Wolf Howl

Wolf Howl

Tuesday, April 7, 2015


The lovely Elise Fallson wrote an equally lovely review for RETURN OF THE LAST SHAMAN

Don't see it on its Amazon Page?

That is because Elise lives in France.  You have to go to Amazon's French Site:


Wondering what she said?  Here it is:

"I really enjoyed this read, it has the perfect blend of science fiction and Native American culture which is refreshing and perfectly executed. 

The story revolves around an unlikely band of characters who are set on a mission to save the world and they’ve got twenty minutes to do just that. 

Wolf Howl, Shadow, Abby, Nicola Tessla, and Mossad Agents must learn to work together, trust each other, and ultimately sacrifice everything in order to accomplish the mission. 

True to his writing style, Roland Yeoman crafts his story with his vivid imagination, poetic imagery, believable characters, sharp dialogue, and thought-provoking passages, all punctuated by bits of sarcasm, humor, and love." 

Today is the launch day for Alex Cavanaugh's DRAGON OF THE STARS.  Pick up a copy today!


  1. Thank you, Roland!
    That was a great review she wrote for you. Elise is a sweet person.

  2. Glad you saw the review, I really enjoyed your book. And another congratulations to Alex on his new release! :)

  3. Alex:
    Wasn't it nice of her. May your sales soar to the stars!

    Thanks for pointing me to your review and especially for writing it. :-) And Alex certainly deserves high sales for all the hard work he has put into his books and marketing!

  4. Brilliant and interesting indeed. Nice!

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  6. Sounds like a good story. I will check it out.