Wolf Howl

Wolf Howl

Thursday, February 5, 2015


"Life's truest gift is wisdom,
And that is the one gift we must give back."
- Luke Winters

ONLY $4.86!!

Luke Winters has spent his whole life straddling two worlds, Lakota and White,

belonging in neither.

He isn't complaining.

He feels richer for the twin heritages and for the struggle to be an authentic human being.

He has learned to accept himself whether or not he is accepted by anyone else.

Enter the murky, dangerous world of a Native American Noir thriller with undercurrents of forbidden love.

A meld of a mature Romeo and Juliet and The Godfather

as seen through the eyes of a disgraced Lakota psychologist back in his home town.

The woman he has loved all his life has become the feared donna of the crime family which controls the state.

She has mastered all her enemies but one - the disease that is now killing her.

As she fights rival crime bosses sensing her weakness, can the psychologist save her from herself?

And at what cost to himself?

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