Wolf Howl

Wolf Howl

Saturday, January 17, 2015


The 2012 Apocalypse happened … just not in the way anyone expected.  How have we not noticed?

Simple: civilized man has lost touch with himself.  How then can he expect to be in touch with the world he smothers in a crypt of concrete and steel? 

Only Wolf Howl, a Native American whose spiritual center is still intact, notices the change.   

But that same spirituality and the power derived from it has made the last Lakota shaman a hunted man. 

Now, he finds himself teamed with the Turquoise Woman: the Spirit of the Earth,

A Mossad agent named Shadow,

A young killer: Abby,

And the amazingly still alive Nikola Tesla. 

Together with the ancient star exile, Bast, they must find some way to stop a menace that cannot be stopped by any known physical force.

The answer lies in the strengths of the Lakota:
  • Transformation—how Wolf Howl learns to preserve what is fundamental even in the frigid void of Space.
  • Simplicity—the lesson taught by the Turquoise Woman that “the more you know, the less you need to carry.”
  • Strength and Resiliency—what the history and lore of the Lakota taught Wolf Howl about growing through adversity.
  • Purpose—how the world unveils our purpose to us if we but listen.  Sacrifice is a part of life. It is supposed to be. It is not something to regret. It is something to aspire to.
RETURN OF THE LAST SHAMAN … A Native American Fable for Our Age.

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