Wolf Howl

Wolf Howl

Tuesday, January 13, 2015


                  When you were born, you cried
              and the world rejoiced.

              Live your life
              so that when you die,
              the world cries and you rejoice.

              - White Elk

Here is more eeriness related to the events depicted in my latest novel:

The Spanish soldier Gil Perez in 1593 lifted his right foot up from the dust in front of the Governor's Palace in Manila only to place it down on the cobblestones of Plaza Mayor in Mexico City. 

 In 1959 tourist Rick Stevens stepped out of his car in Reno only to place both feet on the grass of Juarez, Mexico.  

 Space can bend like fabric.  It happens.  Rarely.  But it happens. 

Wolf Howl was born with the ability to do it on demand, along with other disturbing talents.  Don't envy him.  Because of that fact he has been hunted all his life.


  1. What I've seen and read here, Roland, is intriguing. Folding space and time and parallel universes speak of interesting travels and unknown possibilities. I'll definitely look over the sample and I'll get back to you on that email!

  2. Teresa:
    I have been fascinated with mysterious stories of true eeriness since grade school, and it has never left me. Like Fox Mulder: I want to believe. :-)

    I have my heroes do what I always wanted to do since grade school: explore the unknown facets of our world. Thanks for even considering looking over my novel and reading my email. May good health be yours and your loved ones!