Wolf Howl

Wolf Howl

Saturday, January 24, 2015



Scientists have discovered that the supervolcano beneath Yellowstone is 2.5 times larger than thought


that it does not need any external trigger like an earthquake to erupt.

Bison have been seen moving away from the park ...

In your mind I know you see them plodding along.

Oh, no, my friends, they are more like hauling their shaggy rumps as fast as they can from it!

What would happen if the Super-Volcano erupted?

In a single day, the bread-basket of America would be destroyed, temperatures would drop from the volcanic winter by 20 degrees for six to ten years:

Wolf Howl asks you if you truly think the white government would panic its people by telling them the truth?

Is a judgement coming upon the white government that broke treaties,

wiped out the buffalo (the food supply of the Plains Indians),

and committed genocide to clear land for its citizens?

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